If you are bereaved from the death or loss of a cherished animal  this website hopes to offer some support …

Pet bereavement support

Agencies and websites

There is a growing list of websites in the UK, and also from other countries, supporting pet bereavement.  Many offer advice and support about grieving the death of an animal, and some offer telephone, and or email support. 

I have brought together many of those, below, so that it is easy to have a look through to see which ones you might want to have a look, or contact for support.

Information and telephone support line

Perhaps the best known of those is Blue Cross, which offers telephone and email support.  Blue Cross is a registered charity which provides many services, focussed on pets, including the chance to talk to, and be in contact with others who understand how huge a thing it can be to live through the death of an animal.  Their helpline telephone number is:  0800 096 6606, or click here for their contact form.

Cats Protection is a nationwide charity which helps to find homes for cats in need of a home, and provides information about a wealth of aspects of cat care.  They run a pet bereavement support line, called Paws to listen, open daily between 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday. 

Their support line telephone number is: 0800 024 9494.  They also provide advice on their Grief Support webpage, on information covering things such as euthansia, how grief may affect us, and details about their Cats Protection Memory Wall, where you can post up a picture and some words in  memory.   

In addition they also a Grief Guidance page which contains links to downloadable information (pdfs) about cremation/burial, children and pet bereavement, and the grief of surviving pets.

Animal Samaritans is based in Kent and SE London, which offers a range of services such as animal rescue, animal care, and pet re-homing.  They also provide  telephone support and advice for anyone bereaved from the death of an animal, as well as a memorial page where you can post up a tribute.  Their phone number is: 0208 303 1859.

Samaritans is possibly the most well known charity in the UK.  They offer telephone support at any time of night or day, every day – for any issues we may be facing – pet loss or anything else.  Therefore, if it is in the dark of the night, or at any other time, that you need support, someone at Samaritans will be at the end of the telephone line.  Their helpline telephone number is 116 123,  and their email address is:  jo@samaritans.org (UK),  with a different one for the Republic of Ireland – jo@samaritans.ie (ROI).

Support line is another charity which offers telephone, as well as email and postal support.   They have a page on their website dedicated to supporting pet bereavement.  Their Helpline number is: 01708 765200, and their email address is info@supportline.org.uk

Cruse bereavement care provides day time telephone support, and also 1:1  face to face support with trained bereavement support volunteers, for the death or the period leading up to the expected death (pre-bereavement) of a human being.  Mourning a death – any death, can be complicated, and can bring back memories of the deaths of other loved ones.  I have therefore included Cruse in this list in case you find you would like to talk with someone specifically about the death of a human being, as your grief over a person might also be mixed with grief over the death of an animal.

Their helpline telephone number is: 0808 808 1677, Monday-Friday 9.30-5pm (excluding bank holidays), with extended hours on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, when they are open until 8pm. 

Face to face support

Ally is a pet loss support service.  It trains people to be able to provide practical and listening support for others experiencing the death, of expected death of an animal.  You may come across people trained with Ally in organisations and companies such as veterinary surgeries, rescue centres and support agencies.  A list of companies which have used Ally training can be found here – Ally supporters.

The National Animal Welfare Trust is a charity which runs 5 rescue centres across England, which rehabilitate and re-home animals.  They have a Pet Loss and Pet Bereavement Support webpage, and support the Ally Pet Loss Support program, having members of staff who have undertaken the Ally training course (see above organisation).

Grief and bereavement information and support

The Ralph Site – set up and maintained by Shailen Jasani, started as a tribute to his beloved cat Ralph.  It now contains a wealth of information, including poems, managing grief, a list of grief counsellors specifically supporting pet bereavement, and details about practicalities such as info about pet euthanasia, and pet crematoria.

The PDSA provides veterinary services, and information on pet care and well-being.  They have a ‘Dealing with grief‘ webpage which provides information about grieving, details of books about pet bereavement, and links to info about euthanasia, determining your pet’s quality of life, and a link to their Pet Memories gallery, where you can also create your own tribute page.

The RSPCA is a charity which helps  animals in distress.  They campaign against, investigate and prosecute cases involving animal cruelty, and also provide information about animal welfare, to help educate people about animal cruelty.  They have a pet bereavement webpage which has links to available support, and their Giving in memory webpage with details about how you can donate to the RSPCA in tribute to a beloved pet.  It also details about being able to buy a plaque in their Garden of Memories in West Sussex.

Living with pet bereavement contains a great deal of information covering many issues related to pet bereavement, such as grieving, cremation or burial, and lost or missing pets.  There is a related book, written by Dawn Murray called ‘Pet bereavement support’, which was published in 2014. 

EASE provides information and guidance to help promote animal welfare.  It also aims to raise awareness of the grief we may feel with the death of an animal, and contains short audio podcasts, and adobe pdf documents about pet loss, grief, and bereavement on its Pet Loss Support webpage.

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