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Pet bereavement support

If you are bereaved from the death or loss of a cherished animal  this website hopes to offer some support …


Tel: 07952 230199


My aim in creating this website is to show that grieving over the death of an animal being is surely normal.  I am however,  a qualified counsellor (you can see my qualifications on my About page on my counselling website here), and I do offer pet bereavement counselling.

However, I created this website, not because I am a counsellor, but as a result of my own personal experience of wanting and needing more support and understanding, whilst I was grieving for my own animal companions.  As a result, I wanted to try to support others in their grief.

On the Support page of this website, I have some details about the support that I offer – either face to face, telephone, or online via email, instant messaging or video chat.  Whilst I can offer professional counselling, what I am offering here is support – having a chat over a cup of tea – it is not therapy, and it is not counselling.  It is however, an offer to spend some time with someone (me !), who shares the view that losing an animal can be many upsetting things – devastating, extremely sad, soul destroying –  but not , ‘it was only an animal’.

Contacting me

You can contact me as follows:

email: pbsupport@protonmail.com

mobile: 07952 230199

Please note, can I ask, please, that you contact me in the first instance to talk about arranging a time slot for meeting up (face to face or online, rather than contacting me and ‘chatting’  immediately !

Thanks !

My summary to grieving the loss of a dear animal being

Many, many feelings and emotions we might experience with the death of a human being, are equally as valid with mourning the death of an animal.

Indeed we might feel worse – we may have spent many more days and nights with our animal companion than we may have done with any human being, and in addition, we might then have had to make the heart wrenching decision to end their life … and then be faced with those around us telling us that ‘we can always get another one’ … 

Why should it be seen as:

  • difficult to understand
  • difficult to accept
  • a bit of a joke

… if we grieve the loss of a dear animal friend …   Yet that is the response that many, if not, most of us, will get when we are grieving a death which is not a human death.  Surely that doesn’t make any sense.

Any death is a loss, and may bring feelings of sadness, guilt, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, emptiness – whatever the cause of that loss.

Our grief over the loss of a dear animal is valid, and is a  perfectly normal human response to loss.  Grief needs to be recognised, and grief needs time to be experienced, lived with … and worked through.

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