If you are bereaved from the death or loss of a cherished animal  this website hopes to offer some support …

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Press articles and books about pet bereavement

I have brought the articles together below, firstly, because I hope that by reading them, they may help to bring  comfort – to demonstrate that many people grieve the death of their pets.  

Secondly, many, if not most of us, will find that we grieve the death of our companion animals alone, finding that most people around us will not understand, or accept, that we could feel so upset over the loss of an animal.

My second aim therefore, is to show, as the people in these articles found, that grief over the death of a companion animal is not taken seriously by many people – and so 1) it is probably helpful to be ready for this, 2) it is probably a big factor in why we may find it difficult ourselves to accept how upset we are. 

Press articles

There are many books about bereavement generally, and also quite a few  about pet bereavement.  Here I’ve listed some of them which are specifically about grieving the death of pet:

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