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If you are bereaved from the death or loss of a cherished animal  this website hopes to offer some support …


Tel: 07952 230199


Please note: with all of the support that I offer below, and also the support that I offer from my counselling website, I am qualified, trained, and insured to do so.  I would be happy to provide evidence of my training and insurance if required !

Pet bereavement support

Over time, from talking with people who are grieving the loss of their animal beings, I have come to realise that what most people want is a friendly voice/face, or someone that they can email or message to talk about how they are feeling, and about what has happened. 

I have also found that it has helped when I have mentioned things about my own experience of our animals being ill, and grieving the death of the animals that our family has lost.

Whilst I can offer counselling for pet bereavement, I have found that most people do not want to have actual ‘counselling’ when grieving the loss of an animal – they want to have more of a chat, to talk about the depth of how they are feeling, the emotions they feel, what happened, how things might have/could have been different, what happened at the vets, what medication was used or not used. 

That’s when what I offer becomes more of a conversation, as I can offer things from my own stories, or what was or wasn’t done – I think we all tend to find it comforting if something difficult has happened in our lives and we can talk to someone who has an idea of what we are talking about, and has some sort of similar experience.  

As a result, what I offer is pet bereavement support – the chance to talk through the death or expected death of your animal companion, as a bit more of a chat rather than counselling.

Online counselling support

If you live to far away from me – I am in East Devon, near Exeter Airport, or would rather meet up but not face to face, I can offer telephone, or online support – either via email,  instant messaging or video chat.  I suggest 1 hour maximum at a time.

As with the counselling service I offer, my fees for pet bereavement support are as follows:

  • £35 per hour
  • £20 for half an hour  (not available for face to face)

Please see the prices and times page of my website for further details, as the information on there also applies to my pet bereavement support service, many thanks.

Website support

Aside from the support that I offer with face to face, email, telephone etc …  the support that I try to offer with this website is solidarity – a shared understanding that feeling intense grief for the death of an animal is a normal human response to the loss of a loved one, whether they be animal or human, and that mourning is a natural response to the death of a being whom we have dearly loved, and whom has shared our life with us.

I have tried to bring together details of agencies, books and press articles that may give some comfort, along with my own experience of grieving. 

Mourning the death of an animal is something that most of us will find that we will have to do alone, because unfortunately, most of will find that most people around us won’t take grief over the death of a pet seriously.

Other means of support

There are quite a few websites in the UK, and also from other countries, supporting pet bereavement, that is, supporting people with the death of their pet – increasingly referred to these days as ‘companion animal’.  I have listed quite a few of these, which can be found by clicking the link below.  

There are also quite a few books about grieving the death of an animal, and a handful of newspaper articles which also cover pet bereavement.  I have listed many of the books, and most of the recent articles from major newspapers – which can found by clicking the second link below.

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